How often should you clean your laptop?

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The radiators of the laptops are generally a combination of copper pipe and fan. The copper pipe will absorb heat, while the fan will suck in the cold air and blow the heat out.

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Laptops are favored by many students and office workers because of their thin and light body and portability. and in order to decrease the heat for their macbook put their laptop on a Laptop stand holder. However, many friends probably haven’t thought about how often they should clean dust for their laptops. Today, I will tell you about the experience of the notebook heat vent and dust cleaning.

At present, most laptops are cooled by fans. The cold air is sucked in by the fan, and taking away while hot. This means the laptop will definitely have an air inlet and outlet, as shown below

Most laptops use the same heat sink as the graphics card and CPU. The working temperature of the graphics card is generally 60-70 degrees, which will increase the CPU temperature.

Right now, the radiator inside laptop appears important. If the heat can’t be dissipated quickly, the temperature of the area will rise to 80-90 degrees. At the same time, the components next to the graphics card and CPU will also be in a high temperature state, which will seriously affect the service life of the laptop.

As it turns out, mechanical problems in 70 percent of laptops are almost always the result of chronic overheating.

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Here is a picture of the radiator plug.

Dust blocks almost all the outlets, making it difficult for heat to get through the fins.

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This is a cleaned radiator fin

The copper pipe is very transparent after the ash is removed, sothat the heat is easily carried away.

How often is it best to take apart your laptop and dust it?
I’ll give you a reference.

Suppose you use it for 3-5 hours a day.

  • If the use environment is harsh, it is recommended to clean up once every 3 months.
    For example the construction site that dust is much, the place that many people smoke, lampblack is heavier the environment such as the kitchen
  • If the environment is good, it is recommended to clean up at least once a year.
    Such as home, non-smoking office building and so on

Then, some friends may have bought a laptop but did not use it for a long time, just put it for a long time, may think that there must have a lot ash in it. It’s not really. The dust is sucked in by the radiator fan, and it is almost impossible for the floating dust from the air to get into the radiator if your laptop is not turned on.

How to clean the dust for the laptop

Dust removal tips for laptop

Laptop will be very hot after used a long time, it is because the dust blocked the outlet, and too much dust on the cooling fan.

However, laptop and desktop computer is not the same, laptop packaging is very tight, disassembled dust removal is very difficult. How to clean the dust from your laptop?

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Here’s how to clean up the dust on your laptop.

1. Preparation before dust removal

Preparation tools: small screwdriver (one flat and one cross, preferably magnetic, because some screws are small), small brush (not shedding), hair dryer (cold wind), CPU silicone, sewing machine oil.

2. Preparation for disassembly

Unplug your laptop, remove the battery, and let it sit for a few minutes.If the computer is still in the warranty period, it is best not to open it yourself, send to the factory free processing is better.

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Remove the battery

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Unscrew the retaining screw

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The CPU cooling module on the back of the laptop

start disassembling

The first step of disassembling various models is not the same, specific models refer to specific specifications.

After the disassembly, the disassembly method of fan and heat pipe is the same, I take the laptop of lenovo as an example.

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Clen laptop fan Dust  

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Unscrew the set screw on the radiator

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Unplug the cooling fan

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Radiating fins

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Clen Dust with a brush

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Clean laptop dust from heat pipe and radiator scales

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The heat pipe and radiator scales after clean up.

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Clear silicon grease from CPU and GPU.

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The processor and graphics card after clean up.

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Apply new silicone grease to the surface.

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Connect the fan cord.

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After cleaning, according to the reverse order of disassembly installation back to OK.

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