ErgonBracket® EBLT100

height adjustable laptop stand

Adjustment Highest Height: 41cm
Height Adjustable: 7 Levels
Material: Aluminum + Environment Protection Wood

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Ergonbracket® EBHV100  Aluminum heat vent laptop stand holder and riser

Adjustment Highest Height: 11.8cm
Height Adjustable: 6 Levels
Material: Aluminum


Ergonbracket® EBLT200 Wooden desktop height adjustable laptop stand holder

Adjustment Highest Height: 11.8cm
Height Adjustable: 6 Levels
Material: Aluminum



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    Working in a cubicle can still be energizing,productive,and painfree .Monitor Arm was created to bring all the benefits of standing into the office cubide and at home. since there`s no assembly and no installation required, you can start working at your new sit-stand cubicle right away.




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