ErgonBracket® EBMA100

Standard Single Monitor Arm mount

Height adjustable: Freedom 0~570mm

Front/back adjustable: Freedom 0~700mm

Vesa: 75*75mm/100*100mm


ErgonBracket® EBMA300 single wall mount Monitor Arms

Height adjustable: Freedom 0~570mm

Front/back adjustable: Freedom 0~700mm

Vesa: 75*75mm/100*100mm


ErgonBracket® EBMA200 Standard Dual Monitor mount Arms 

Height adjustable: Freedom 0~570mm

Front/back adjustable: Freedom 0~700mm

Vesa: 75*75mm/100*100mm



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Monitor Mount

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Monitor arms

Head Straight

Single Monitor Arms

Whole Protection
Rubber Pad

Monitor Mount supplier

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Monitor Mount

360 Degree
Freedom Stop

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Freedom Adjustable

Monitor arms

41CM Vertical Height


Ergonbrackets® Single & Dual Monitor Mount  arms each details design with integrity

Our mission is taking care of your health during working

Our mission is taking care of your health during reading

Our mission is taking care of your health during playing games

Our mission is to save money and value it

9 Core function helps you work more efficiency

Maybe you heared many times Every ergonimic company said their colleague(people) make they are difference with their competitors.

I should tell you Our difference: Our ergonomic monitor arms design building helps consumers close the gap between who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow.


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ErgonBracket® An Expert Of Ergonomic height adjustable Single & Dual Monitor Mount arms System Manufacturer

Article 1: Sit standing desk user’s Guide

Article 2:  What is the best sit-standing solutio 

Article 3:

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    Manufacturing flow Process

    (Ergonomic Working-Home office furniture Manufacturing equipments Display)

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      Working in a cubicle can still be energizing,productive,and painfree .Monitor Arm was created to bring all the benefits of standing into the office cubide and at home. since there`s no assembly and no installation required, you can start working at your new sit-stand cubicle right away.




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      ErgonBracket® China Professional monitor arm manufacturer, care attention to details design


      Monitor arms

      Ergonbracket® monitor arms any High and Low height adjustable

      Care for your lumbar spine to protect health. 415mm lifting Space to meet the different height people needs and unmatched natural comfort

      Ergonbracket® monitor arms height adjustment, Less should and neck Pain

      Change the monitor arms angle 3-6 times a day to release the should and neck pressure
      Single Monitor Arms
      Monitor Mount supplier

      Computer monitor mounted with monitor arms rotates 360 vertically and horizontally

      The monitor switches easily from side to side, typing code, watching news and date, browsing faster and more convenient

      Computer monitor mounted with monitor arms

      freedom rotation Angle

      The damped pressurized structure further optimized the feel of monitor rotation, lifting and stretching. It’s easy to rotate if you want to share the monitor information with your colleagues
      Monitor arms manufacturer
      Monitor arms

      Monitor arms can stretch and After adjustment

      Eyes are not easy to sour 
      538mm stretching range to meet different people’s scenes requirement. Eyes are much comfortable.

      Ergonbracket® monitor arms effectively manage and hide Monitor connections to save desktop space

      Connection line management keeps desk clean
      Monitor Mount supplier
      Single Monitor Arms

      Ergonbracket® monitor arms quick installation, saves time and convenience

      Base four -gear adjustment, quick and convenient installation

      ErgonBracket® Monitor Arms stepless adjustment.

      Monitor arms use Pneumatic hover 2-9 Kg 
      dynamic load bearing
      More than 50000 times of fatigue test
      Life cycle: More than 10 years life with stable 
      Monitor Mount
      Monitor arms manufacturer

      ErgonBracket® Single & Dual Monitor Mount small details

      1. ABS flame rectardant housing
      No fingerprints, healthy and environmentally friendly
      2. Detachable wire groove
      Keep your table clean and tidy
      3. Humanized non-slip mat
      Protect the desktop from scratching
      4. Cantilever Pressure control, Attached tools, easy to adjust


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      Bad working habits destroy your

      health Are you Still working Like this? This is the main reason why you have to choose Single & Dual Monitor Mount 


      Single Monitor Arms

      Ergonbracket® single & Dual Monitor Mount help release Cervical Vertebrae Pain

      Postural immobility, Cervical Pain

      Ergonbracket® single & Dual Monitor Mount Monitor arm keep your computer monitor no longer fixed 

      fixed monitor unable to adjust the Screen to
      Share quickly processing information
      Monitor Mount supplier
      Monitor Mount

      Without monitor arms desktop computer desktop untidy

      A lot of things on the desk are untidy
      and disorderly, Affect work mood

      Without monitor arms monitor landscape fixed

      Only fixed monitor operation, 
      affecting special writing 
      Monitor arms manufacturer


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      5 Steps Assemble Monitor Arm on to Desktop

      (Swivel monitor arm with gas spring)


      Single Monitor Arms

      Step 1: Single & Dual Monitor Mount

       assembly vesa holes can be divided into two categories

      A: Computer monitor have 4 vesa holes. Monitor can be mounted directly to monitor arm,
      B:Computer monitor without vesa holes, so monitor arms should with the help of universal adjustable fitting to assemble on the computer monitor.

      Step 2: No matter the desk have 

      assemble holes or not, all of them can be easily mounted with monitor arms.

      Monitor arms Desktop thickness compatibility: 10~90mm
      Monitor arms Desktop Diamter compatibility: 10~50 mm.:
      Monitor Mount supplier
      Monitor Mount

      Step 3: Checking monitor weight if mathes monitor arms’s support: 2-9Kg

      Single & Dual Monitor Mount installation have no relation with the monitor size. Computer monitor weight 2-9Kg all are okay.

      Step 4, Fix the monitor to the Single & Dual Monitor Mount and tighten 4 screws

      Monitor arms manufacturer
      Monitor arms

      Step 5: The last step monitor arm 

      adjustment is most important and with 3 different conditions:

      A: Computer monitor is at the top and can not be lowered: Reduce the pressure.(anticlockwise turn the screw
      B: The computer monitor is at the lowest point and can not rise: Increase the pressure(Clockwise turn the screw)
      C: The monitor(monitor arms) normally hovers up and down: Normal use condition(Good condition)


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      Chapter 1

      What do you need to pay attention to while use monitor arms standing in the office working?

      Standing working really good?

      Monitor arms
      First of all, I should answer you sitting too long is bad to heal. The body is the capital of the revolution, so office workers should be responsible for their own health and attach importance to the health of the office. Standing and sitting for long periods are not good for your health. Here I refer to an article I have read before, discussing the dangers of long standing and long sitting office, and finally how to achieve a healthy office posture.
      This article around 1500 words, it will spend around 3~5 minutes
      In recent years, the saying that “sit sedentary is not good for health” has made “stand-up office” popular in American, European and other countries. Some studies have suggested that a standing monitor arm mounting desk can not only help employees reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes, but also improve work. effectiveness. But around the topic of “whether all employees should be encouraged to stand and work”, some experts believe that conclusions should not be reached too soon. In daily work and life, stand or sit? How do we, who pay attention to a healthy body, choose the method that suits us best?
      Most office workers, eight or nine hours a day or more, sit at their desks and work at their computers.
      In addition to increasing the risk of obesity, other risks include: lumbar muscle strain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even life expectancy.
      Popular keystrokes while walking, working while cycling, desks with treadmills on sale
      The dangers of being sedentary are clear to us-after people sit down for more than an hour, the amount of enzymes used to break down fat in the body will decrease by 90%. Sitting still also slows the body’s glucose metabolism and lowers good cholesterol levels, which are risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
      In addition, the occupational injury questionnaire from Sweden shows that 50% of sedentary conditions are related to ergonomics, such as some back and shoulder problems, and “static working posture” is the main cause of current occupational injuries. Even studies from Sweden, too, have found that sedentary shortens telomeres, leading to premature aging, disease and even premature death. Experts believe that sedentary is a huge health hazard, even if he will exercise when he is not sitting.

      If I have a computer Single & Dual Monitor Mount to share, all troubles have been solved.

      Since the problem has arisen, it needs to be solved. Since the sedentary office method is harmful and not beneficial, the Monitor Arm office is naturally regarded as a good medicine to correct this method

      The growth rate of Monitor Desk Mount Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring in the U.S. has increased each year since “sitting to work” was unheard of in 2013. 

      Single Monitor Arms

      According to a poll, the percentage of U.S. employees using standing monitor arm has grown since 2013 has doubled, and as of last year, nearly half of companies are using desks that can move up and down as employees get up and down. 

      Many well-known companies, including Chevron, Intel, Allstate, Boeing, Apple, etc., are “loyal fans” of this new type of desk. These new workstations allow contemporary information workers to type keyboards while standing or even walking

      Monitor Mount supplier
      It is reported that in the office of Dr. Tony Janser, a UCLA health service professor and a standing office advocate, there is a desk with a treadmill and freedom mounting monitor arm; even at home, she can work on a recumbent bicycle.
      Questioners believe that standing will have chronic back injuries and varicose veins, and there are hidden health hazards in “standing office”
      Many scholars believe that people advocate ergonomic diversity and stand-up work is turn to simple and nature life . Fifteen years ago, the study of “stand-up office” was a new thing, and now it has become mainstream. As new knowledge spreads and people’s attitudes change, consumer demand emerges, and companies and entrepreneurs develop and use new products.
      Take the United States as an example. Since 2004, a furniture brand launched the first adjustable height desk with monitor arms. In the past 5 years, sales of lift desks and desks with treadmills have increased by 5 Time, reaching $ 40 million. If this continues, the sedentary crisis will be eased.
      But with it came problems. For example, standing too long at work will lead to more chronic back injuries, increase the incidence of varicose veins in women, and increase the heart load. In an experiment at Curtin University in Australia, researchers tracked 20 people using a Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for up to two hours, and found that their response began to change after about an hour. Slow, and the lower body began to feel pain; but researchers also said that standing in the office still helped slightly stimulate their creativity.


      Expert voice

      Standing and sitting for a long time are not scientific

      A comparison between “most seated staff” and “most seated staff” shows that the latter has twice the odds of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Of course, for most professionals who want to lose weight, perhaps the function of “stand calories” is the most attractive. Researchers have analyzed the results of 46 studies and found that people burn more than 0.15 kilocalories per minute when standing.
      Monitor arms
      Rather than sitting in your seat for hours, standing is a great first step. But based on “ergonomics,” for our muscles, bones, and joints, standing and sitting are actually pros and cons.
      Dr. Lee Yanruo, deputy director and deputy chief physician of the Sports Medicine Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said in an interview with reporters that the correct standing posture and correct sitting posture are both healthy postures, both of which are muscle, bone and joint Beneficially, there is no one that is more beneficial to health.

      “Exercising and changing postures are vital to the health of muscles, joints, and spine. It is unscientific to sit or stand in front of a table for a long time every day.” Dr. Li Yanruo told reporters that the general principle is to try not to stay for a long time. Standing and sitting, a more scientific approach is: check and change your posture every 30 to 40 minutes; when sitting, it is best to put a cushion behind the waist to prevent lumbar kyphosis and provide support and protection to the waist; feet and The position of the hand changes from time to time, changing the concentrated stress point, and not shaking the Erlang legs; the thigh and calf muscles intermittently perform the “constriction-relaxation” action to promote blood flow.

      Monitor arms manufacturer

      Do not worry, this is not a problem, please do not forget you have Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring

      Standing posture is very Important
      There is also substance to Academics ’doubts about“ stand-up office ”. Some experimenters who participated in the study reported that after trying to stand in office, the discomfort of all body parts increased by 47%, especially in the lower back and lower limbs. Swelling of the lower limbs.
      In this regard, Dr. Li said that the causes of physical discomfort while standing can be divided into two types, in addition to physiological reasons such as increased leg pressure, sustained vein compression, muscle fatigue, and slowed metabolism, as well as incorrect standing posture, etc. Causes of pathological causes. 
      “Various postures cause the spine not to be in a neutral position, and the overall muscle strength is unbalanced. For example, forward leaning of the head can easily cause back pain, and humpback can easily increase the burden on the lumbar spine to cause back pain. In addition, obesity, muscle atrophy or weakening, high heels or too small Shoes, etc., can cause discomfort due to uneven or generalized stress on the body or parts. “
      Dr. Lee Yiruo suggests that you can use the following correct standing posture, the effectiveness will be double for your health compare with just standing working.
      1. Wear middle soft, flat, or mid-heel shoes; moderate ground hardness; the center of gravity of the body should not be shifted left and right; the center of gravity of the body should fall behind the 1/3 of the foot and cannot be shifted back and forth.
      2. Chin slightly recovered, keep your head directly above your shoulders, and don’t lean forward too much
      3. Keep your shoulders sinking and retracting slightly. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Feel the clavicle extends to both ends to let the chest open. Both upper limbs hang down freely or at about 90 degrees of elbow flexion.
      4. The direction of the knee and toe is always the same. The knee flexes slightly and cannot be shifted left and right.
      5. The buttocks and waist and abdomen should be consciously contracted so that the center of gravity is as high as possible, but no obvious contraction action can occur, which will affect breathing.
      6. Toes gently grasp the ground consciously, so that the arch of the foot slightly lifted, but no obvious movement.
      7. Use the footrest (13 ~ 15cm height), step on the left and right castors alternately and let the two casters alternate to bear the body’s center of gravity; anti-fatigue backrest is placed at the lower back, and the user can lean back to rest.
      In the end, Dr. Li concluded that how to adjust the sitting and standing postures is the most suitable and healthy. In fact, there is no uniform standard, which needs to be different from person to place and from time to time. “Everyone is busy at work while maintaining the awareness of regular posture changes, while trying to achieve a healthy sitting and standing posture, doing appropriate physical exercise after work, paying attention to healthy diet and rest, and maintaining a good attitude, then Health and happiness will accompany everyone. “


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