Learning ways to keep the office healthy may not seem very popular during this time, but colds and viruses continue.
That means if you’re not cautious, you’re still likely to get sick. So, I hope you have the patience to put these tips to use.

How do you stay healthy while anyone around you is burping and sneezing? Here are some simple tips to keep your office and yourself healthy.

1. Use Disinfectant Wipes to Keep The Office Healthy

Buy a box of wet wipes and place them on your desk and scrub your workspace wet before you start the day. Pay particular attention to “hot spots,” places that are sometimes touched; these include your phone, lamp switch, keyboard, monitor, mouse, and commonly used office items such as staplers or scissors. The typical worker’s desk can have more bacteria and forms per square foot than a toilet seat, according to a report by an Arizona university.

2. Wash Your Hands More Often

Sure, after using the toilet, you should wash your hands, but do you wash your hands long enough?
You should wash at least 20 seconds, but aim for 30 seconds. Scrub them with soap and warm water, so that most organisms can be completely removed from the skin surface.

Washing your hands doesn’t mean simply running to the toilet.
If you walk around the office at lunch and break all day, or back and forth, it’s better to wash your hands after that, too. And when you walk around a house, it’s possible to pick up bacteria from the doorbuttons and other surfaces.

3. Reduce The Contact With Visibly Sick People

In every office there are diehards who refuse to stay at home even when they know they should be in bed when they are ill, instead of at their desks.

Try to avoid people who have a lot of coughing or a runny nose. If you need to touch that person, be watchful enough, keep your distance and wash your hands after leaving.

4. Stay Home When You’re Sick

Turnabout is a fair play; if you bring your own germs in with you, you won’t keep your office healthy. If you need to go to work, be careful when you cough or sneeze, to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Sanitize your room and regularly wash your face, and avoid contacting your coworkers whenever possible. (And, go home as soon as you can!)

5. Stick to Healthy Habits

If you have good habits, you are less likely to get sick.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, and get plenty of rest every night.

Perhaps you could launch a joint health initiative across the office; Working out or doing small activities together on a regular basis, making plans to eat a healthy lunch together, and making sure the water cooler has plenty of water, and each person taking five minutes before leaving work to tidy up their small area, can create a healthy culture and potentially avoid illness.

6. Talk to HR about the Education to Keep Office Healthy

See how the HR team has taken awareness programs into account to keep staff updated on how to keep the workplace safe. Here are just a few examples:

  • Articles for employees
  • Hand washers in the toilets
  • Encourage employees to cover their cough and sneeze in their sleeve if tissue is not available
  • Provide extra tissue boxes and a hand sanitizer in the workplace, especially during cold and flu seasons.
  • And maybe even making it a team effort to sanitize some of the office ‘s high-touch areas, such as vending machines and coffee centers every day. Either ask for volunteers or rotate the assignments so that once a week everyone takes a turn.
  • Replace a healthy set of office furniture and do some equipment upgrades

If you’re really not sure if you’re doing all you can to make sure your office is properly disinfected, contact your local cleaning company for help.

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