Ergonbracket® EBLT100 Ergonomic

portable and height adjustable laptop table

Desktop Lowest height: 4.5CM

Adjustment highest height: 41CM

Height adjustable: 7 levels


Ergonbracket® EBHA 200 Ergonomic

height adjustable sit standing desk

Desktop Lowest height: 13.5CM

Adjustment highest height: 13.5~54CM

Height adjustable: Limitless adjustable


ErgonBracket® EBHA300 Ergonomic

Wooden desktop sit stand desk

Desktop Lowest height: 13.5CM

Adjustment highest height: 13.5~54CM

Height adjustable: Limitless adjustable



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9 Core Function Help Your Working More Efficiency
And Decrease Sickness Risk

Sit stand desk

Multple Quality Tests
Good Quality

Sit stand desk manufacturer

Patent Certified
Smooth And Uniform Lift

Height adjustable desk

Vehicle Level Gas Spring
Smooth And Light

Height adjustable desk supplier

Vertical Lift
Not Affect Desktop Space

Height adjustable desk manufacturer

Vertical Lift
Not Affect Desktop Space

Sit stand desk

Vertical Lift
Not Affect Desktop Space

Sit stand desk manufacturer

Vertical Lift
Not Affect Desktop Space

Height adjustable desk

Vertical Lift
Not Affect Desktop Space

Height adjustable desk supplier

Vertical Lift
Not Affect Desktop Space


[email protected] Sit stand desk Each details design with integrity

Our mission is taking care your health during working, reading and play games.

Our mission is add value to your payment.

I know you hear every ergonomic companies said their people make they are difference from their competitors. And you are tired of that.

Now I tell you our difference: Our ergonomic sit stand desk design building help consumer close the gap between who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow

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Multiple Test Standard for height adjustable desk
Ensure Safety And Stability Checking items

  • Amount of formaldehyde                             
  • High temperature resistance                              
  • Salt spray test Corrosion resistance
  • Internal structure performance               
  • Compression and deformation resistance
  • Light absorption performance
  • Bearing capacity
  • Salt spray test Corrosion resistance   
Sit Stand desk manufacturer, height adjustable Desk Supplier

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      Working in a cubicle can still be energizing,productive,and painfree .Monitor Arm was created to bring all the benefits of standing into the office cubide and at home. since there`s no assembly and no installation required, you can start working at your new sit-stand cubicle right away.




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      Harmful of Sendentary 



      height adjustable Desk office are taking over the world

      In 2011, Facebook began to experimenting with sit stand desks. Subsequently, google added height adjustable desks to its corporation paln. Apple CEO TIM cook said in an interview that new company’s spaceship will have a sit stand desk

      Sit stand desk
      Height adjustable desk take care health


      Cervical spine force diagram

      Why you need one Freedom height adjustable desk as early as possible? Sedentary and not tired is impossible, You should stand up.



      Why does sitting lead to cardiovascular disease?

      Fat accumulation blocked blood vessels Blood clots blocked Organ

      why choose Height adjustable desk supplier
      Height adjustable desk manufacturer


      Alert to ! High prevalence: about 290 million people in china suffer from high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, obesity and other sedentary diseases

      High mortality rate: Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death from diseases, surpassing serious diseases such as cancer. On average 2 out of every 5 deaths were from cardiovascular disease


      Chinse media: Cardiovascular disease, preference for sedentary people Health news: Sedetary, easy to cause heart disease. Life times, global health news: too much sitting can lead to fatal blood clots Healthtimes: watch out! Sitting for long time can lead to coronary heart disease Dr. Lilac: New evidence! In creased risk of death from 14 diseases(including cardiovascular disease

      What “eating away” your health long time sitting working

      Cervical and lumbar disease

      Sitting for a long time, the body is in the forward state for a long time, lumbar force than standing posture increased by 270%

      Chronic diseases such as diabetes

      Prolonged sitting is associated with a 112% increase in type 2 diabetes and a 147% increase in cardiovascular disease

      Increased cancer risk

      All 14 deadly diseases are linked to sedentary habits. Even if you pay attention to exercise, sitting for a long time will increase the incidence of disease.

      Height adjustable desk supplier


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      ErgonBracket sit stand desk Advantages

      Why more and more people start to use height adjustable desk working?

      This is a simple headline

      The simple way to a better working day

      Our ErgonBracket line of height-adjustable desk converters close the gap between who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow.

      Get Happier and Healthier
      Moving more and sitting less at work is good for your physical and emotional health.

      Be More Productive
      Height adjustable desk users can improve productivity by up to 40%.

      Feel More Comfortable
      Using a sit stand desk can help relieve back pain and other issues caused by too much sitting.

      Height adjustable desk manufacturer
      Sit stand desk

      A few tips about you consider ErgonBracket® sit stand desk

      1.ErgonBracket options require no installation time from the employees or the facilities team, and there’s no need to replace or modify existing furniture. Desktops arrive fully assembled and sit on top of your existing desk.

      2.ErgonBracket is a ergonomic professional manufacturer

      3.Quality standard is not just say, ErgonBracket have many serious testing reports.

      4.Many Types and models to meet your different requirement.

      Multi-function: Laptop sit stand desk and Picnic Desk

      1.One payment to get multifunction for laptop computer and picnic.

      2.Foldable and save space for your car

      3.Stable, safety and light weight

      Sit stand desk manufacturer
      Height adjustable desk

      Stable at Any Height

      ErgonBracket desktop sit stand desk converter will be stable and steady at any height, sitting or standing. This is revolutionary design with patent, because our sit stand desk converter stable do not rely on weight again, converter stable rely on structure design. More safe, more stable, more flexible

      Spaces to Fit Your Workstyle

      Ergonbracket® height adjustable desk Keyboard can freedom stretch out and in to save spaces for working time

      We can create the spaces you need where you need them. Whether you need workstations that boost productivity, private offices for focused work, or meeting areas and casual seating for collaboration, our collection covers it all.

      Height adjustable desk supplier
      Height adjustable desk manufacturer

      Quality We Can Stand Behind

      Unmatched quality and customer service.

      Welcome to our facotry to visit and free with hotel expense. Every factories said they are the best quality, I advise you’d better to visit our factory. We not only run our own brand of ErgonBracke we also provide many OEM components for world first class brand furniture companies

      ErgonBracket® is Move-In Ready

      ErgonBracket height adjustable Desk is a turnkey solution for enterprise-level businesses looking for a way to elevate their workspace and their people. With flexible lease terms, fully-furnished spaces, and first-class amenities, ErgonBracket makes it easy to give your team a happy, healthy workspace they’ll love.

      Sit stand desk manufacturer


      Contact Ergonbracket factory today for more information on flexible work spaces


      Chapter 1

      Why more and more people start to use height adjustable sit stand desk for working?

      Sit stand desk manufacturer

      Around 2007, I started to have obvious low back stiffness when I woke up in the morning. when I was in a high level of discomfort around 2010, I went to the hospital and the doctor thought it might be AS (ankylosing spondylitis).

      June 2015 I had a fever, and had a pillow for nearly half a month, then make a B27 test in the hospital and confirmed the illness. In July of the same year, two cervical disc herniations were detected by CT testing.

      Many people know that sedentary is the enemy of health, but it is not clear how harmful it is.
      Here are a few data for easy understanding:

      1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sedentary injury to the meat, sedentary injury to the brain, sedentary injury to the heart, sedentary injury to the stomach, sedentary injury to the bones.

      2. Western medicine believes that sedentary causes Alzheimer’s disease, eye disease, disc damage, cancer, lower extremity thrombosis, cervical spondylosis, heart disease, diabetes and hemorrhoids.

      3. A study by the University of Queensland in Australia found that the harm of sitting for an hour is equivalent to smoking two cigarettes and reducing life by 22 minutes

      4. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks sedentary as one of the ten leading causes of death and disease. According to statistics, more than 2 million people die each year due to sedentary conditions. It is estimated that by 2020, 70% of global diseases will be caused by sedentary conditions.

      5. Some people doubt that computers, TVs and mobile phones are used in office and entertainment, and computers in particular have to sit. What should I do? Standing office or so-called alternate office is popular all over the world. Use height adjustable Desk office furniture to achieve the purpose of sitting up, standing up, and sitting down.

      Why is Sit Stand desk office so popular? Just to give a simple survey data, a person standing consumes 3-5 times more calories than sitting, and standing for one hour is equivalent to running one kilometer. Suppose you work 8 hours a day, 4 of which work in standing position, which is equivalent to running 4 kilometers a day, and running 4 kilometers a day has a self-evident effect on your health.

      Even more shocking is that sedentary is actually related to cancer. so height adjustable Desk is become a choice

      According to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by epidemiological researchers at the University of Regensburg, Germany, an analysis of the lifestyles of nearly 70,000 cancer patients has drawn surprising conclusions: Increased risk of colon and endometrial cancer.

      Scientists at the University of Western Australia found that when people have been sitting in industries that require meditation for more than a decade, they are 44% more likely to develop rectal cancer.

      British public health experts suggest that office workers should stand at least an hour a day to help prevent obesity and heart disease, and even cancer.

      Sit stand desk manufacturer

      The rise of standing working in office
      Recognizing these hazards, people started trying to get up to work and reduce sedentary time.

      Sit Stand desk working originated in German elementary and middle schools first because students gained weight too fast. In elementary and middle schools in cities such as Hamburg, Germany, students take classes in dedicated classrooms every day. It is reported that the children in these schools lose about 2 kg on average. Nowadays, the German public sector also advocates “Sit-Standing working”. The Sit stand desk is becoming popular in the United States. Well-known Internet companies such as Facebook and Google popularize the standing office method internally, reducing the health and efficiency problems caused by long-term sitting in the office. In addition to preventing sedentary diseases, standing in the office has unexpected benefits. According to research reports from the Texas A & M University and the University of Munich, standing office can burn 3 times more calories and prevent waist and belly fat. And according to the British “Daily Mail” report, Dr. Mike Rosmao, chief health consultant of the British Institute of Sports Medicine, researched that “standing for 3 hours a day is equivalent to running 10 marathons a year.

      Height adjustable desk manufacturer

      So in the West, standing office is called “static movement”

      Now in China, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm caused by sedentary, especially those who need to sit for a long time in the office, such as IT, design, finance and other office sedentary people. Efficient working style. Standing working is a new option for them.

      The key to standing working is not to stand, but to sit and stand working alternately.

      Although standing up can reduce the harm caused by sedentary, long standing is the same as sedentary, and it is also harmful to health over time. The correct working posture is sit and stand alternately. Sitting for a long time, standing time is the most. Good between 3-5 hours.

      For many people, it’s not easy to achieve alternate office work. At present, some office equipment that can help people to stand is often fixed in height and can only stand but not sit, which is very inconvenient to use. The popular height adjustable desks that can be raised and lowered in Europe and the United States are very expensive. Because most of them are made in China, they change hands through the middle, and the natural price is high, so many low-income people can only continue to endure the pain caused by sedentary work .

      Fortunately, some China sit stand desk manufacturer’s brands have begun to develop height adjustable desk products that are more suitable for different low income people. Instead of changing tables, you can achieve sit-to-stand swaps based on the original desks. For example, the relatively well-known China Ergonbracket sit stand desk


      Contact Ergonbracket factory today for more information on flexible work spaces


      Chapter 2

      There are many types of office height adjustable Desk furniture. How should you choose a right sit stand desk?

      Standing burns 3 times more calories than sitting, while joint disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes, gastropathy and so on also have a positive preventive effect. Sit-and-stand alternative office has gained more and more recognition worldwide, and sit stand desk or other office height adjustable desk furniture has become a healthy choice for many businesses and families. Choosing sit stand desk as a station office home has many advantages:

      1. Do not need have to eliminate the original desk, you can sitting or standing while working if you have one sit stand desk at your zone.

      2. The sit stand desk’s volume is smaller and its cost also lower, compared with the floor height adjustable desk more price advantage.

      3. The sit stand desk can be used directly without installation and occupies little space after folding.

      4. The sit stand desk can be placed or disassembled at any time, more convenient to move and clean.

      So you can choose sit stand desk into your office zone instead of replacing your desk completely with a large lift table.

      Sit stand desk

      The common sit stand desk is divided into 3 types: electric type, pneumatic type and hand type.

      Height adjustable desk

      2.1 Electric type with pneumatic type height adjustable desk:


      In contrast, pneumatic sit stand desk use pneumatic bar lifting desktop, has the advantage of quiet, fast, smooth and convenient, it is the mainstream of this kind of products. Perhaps you can use an alarm clock on your phone instead of the exorbitant add-on price of an electric lift table, but when you want to install where without electric, then can not choose it

      Height adjustable desk manufacturer

      2.2 pneumatic type with hand type height adjustable desk:


      Manual height adjustable desk through the physical locking to achieve the purpose of fixing the height of the desktop.  It is more convenient and flexible for installation, more stable, you only need to consider your lowest height for your table computer. 

      For example: if you only 1.6 meter, when you adjust your chair to your best comfortable level with the sit stand desk, but your foot have to apart from floor, then it is also not good for your health.

      Conclusion: best cost performance height adjustable desk

      Sit stand desk

      2.3 How to choose single support and double support height adjustable desk:


      Single support height adjustable desk in the center of the support arm, small desktop, heavy, originally advertised suitable for light office equipment such as laptops. Now it almost knock out of the market!

      Double support sit stand desk have double supporting arms, the desktop is larger, solid and stable, more suitable for desktop computers and other office equipment. More and more people choose double arm sit stand desk converter

      Why I recommend you buy a height adjustable desk as soon as possible, 5 advantages:

      1. Sit stand desk ease back pain:

      Raising the line of sight allows people to naturally sit and stand upright and keep their waists in a correct and relaxed position.This effortless, natural pose is a great way to relax the shoulder and neck muscles;The lumbar spine naturally protrudes forward, the nerves around the disc and the lumbar compression ratio are in a hunched position, helping to relieve disc problems and back pain.

      2. Sit stand desk reduce abdominal fat accumulation:

      Take the traditional sitting position, blood and nutrition long-term accumulation in the lower abdomen, resulting in abdominal fat accumulation. This part of fat is difficult to consume, is the difficulty in weight loss. When the upper body posture improves, abdominal and gastrointestinal pressure will be reduced, better digestion, nutrition is easier to all parts of the body. So sit stand desk help maintaining the perfect curve of the back, chest, buttock.

      3. Sit stand desk keep your head clear:

      Right sitting position can help you keeping your head clear, and avoid drowsiness. Height adjustable desk can effectively improve study and work efficiency.

      4, Sit stand desk protection of the reproductive system:

      The traditional sitting posture, sitting for a long time will lead to genital pressure, affect the blood circulation and nerve function, serious sexual dysfunction.The two-valve hollow out design ensures that the genital organs will not be compressed, so that the body and thigh maintain a proper Angle, so that the private part is not too high temperature, to avoid the risk of male sperm quality and female vaginal infection.

      5. Sit stand desk improve blood circulation:

      A 135-degree position between the trunk and thighs can help relax joint tension;Improved blood flow to the lower extremities reduces the risk of edema, cellulite, and varicose veins.

      Use sit stand desk, can adjust rise and fall height at will, can let you choose an office chair that suits height arbitrarily, help reduce body pressure


      Contact Ergonbracket factory today for more information on flexible work spaces