Six tips for new office woman

If you’re a new professional woman who wants to do well but doesn’t know what to look for, take a look at this article.
I’ve come up with a few tips for getting started, and many times the little things that seem to be going unnoticed can actually help you when you’re stuck.

The first thing to say is that everyday backup tools need to be there all the time.

1. clothes
Everyone has different requirements for the ambient temperature, which is related to the individual’s physique. However, the working temperature of an office is not suitable for everyone, but should be relatively comfortable, which means that such a temperature will make you less comfortable.

As a result, people who spend a lot of time in the office are more likely to suffer from a range of health problems, from hairdryer shoulders to a strained neck. And, your tired body will be more demanding of the environment. And the temperature in public places is mostly up to you. If your office has a large number of middle-aged and elderly employees, it can be especially difficult to adjust, as they may change the temperature every once in a while and demand unconditional obedience from the new employee.

You’ll meet a variety of people in your career who are physically, temperamentally, and have hobbies, so it’s important to have an extra wardrobe. When the temperature isn’t friendly to you, add a coat to protect you from the cold. Also, in the event of a sudden change in the weather, having an extra piece of clothing like this will have a good effect on keeping you from shivering. Even if the weather doesn’t change, a super-cold environment can help protect you from the cold, increase comfort and reduce the risk of occupational diseases.

2. The umbrella and umbrella bracket
Weather forecast is generally unreliable, to the rainy season heavy rain said to come, meet out of emergency most people will sacrifice the body for work, choose to go ahead in the rain. This is not a good sign for the body. First the moisture enters the body and then the cold attacks. The cold seems to go away, but the moisture is a hidden danger for the body. Excessive moisture is the most direct manifestation of endocrine disorders, which can lead to obesity, destroy your proud body, and hit your self-confidence.

The 20-something, 40-something figure definitely makes you regret it, and losing weight is really a big problem. The woman does not notice to protect oneself body mostly can be returned to you on period, and the man is a slow process really, it is difficult to distinguish perhaps temporarily, accumulate over time also can show a problem gradually.

The trouble is a safe bet for carrying an extra umbrella.

3. Big bags, flat shoes
Encounter go out activity of what, do not be afraid of ugly, must take a bit bigger bag, besides place the thing such as cosmetic, toilet paper, moneybag, can put down even a pair of flat shoes to just go. Although high heels add more feminine charm, but in the event of going out for activities, the time is absolutely not in your control, wearing high heels for a long time you will completely lose the concept of beauty, because it is really a kind of destruction of the feet.

Imagine the feeling of standing with your foot on a steel knife!It is absolutely enjoyable to give your feet a rest between activities. In addition, wearing high heels for a long time puts more pressure on the hipbones and leg bones than flat shoes, which can increase the risk of bone lesions. Therefore, it is better to wear flat shoes when you are not going out in the office. A moment of beauty is not as important as a moment of ease.

The workplace is a place of rejection, and if you can’t stand out, walk the walk!

4. Words
A close mouth catches no flies. This is absolutely true. A lot of friction in work and life is caused by careless words. Often when you speak ill of B to A, A and B actually have a better relationship than you do with A. Even if it is not good, sometimes they will sacrifice you for favor.

Even if neither of these scenarios occurs, “A” will not be able to communicate with you because of your indiscretion. After all, no one wants to carry a ticking time bomb. Moreover, the workplace is not forever friends, there is no permanent enemy, you see the opposition, may only be the illusion created by others, not deep in the world you may not be able to distinguish.Even in our own eyes, those who speak with discretion are more agreeable than those who speak with bitterness.
Therefore, the first lesson on the job must control their own mouth, bad words in the heart also have to say, see the air will become evidence.

In order to be happy at that time offended the same room, to their own workplace to add a lot of unnecessary trouble, set up a lot of unknown enemies why bother?

5. makeup look
Do you want any makeup? What make-up do you wear? It depends on your work environment. Although makeup is a way of showing respect for others and showing that you are a teacher, in some places this iron rule is not appropriate. For example, you work in a more isolated place, geographical location backward, older women more and so on, this time makeup will be rejected, because you are alternative ah!

Despite the idea of otherness, women are jealous. They hate being better looking, younger, better-off, etc., all for seemingly random reasons. Moreover, narrow thinking will also cause them to dislike you in the sense. This kind of place thick makeup abandoned decisively! Light makeup should also pay attention to the scale.

However, sometimes it is necessary to make up, even if you do not want to learn, that is to have external activities, business negotiations, accompany guests to eat and so on. This if in this time, you do not make up your boss will think you devalued, such as must not choose to use you next time. So, appropriate makeup is very necessary, do not force too hard.

6. wearing
This society seems to be open, but in fact, there are still many requirements for women. Tights, knee-length skirts, hot pants and see-through clothes can show your figure more, but in the eyes of others, they will give you a label, this woman is coquettish. Women will secretly look down on you, while men will secretly try to see if you are willing to do it.

In the wake of this sexual harassment in the workplace, the errant man just has to make a scene, throw dirty water at you, and ignorant people will blame you. There’s nothing wrong with you, but society is far more open and conservative about sex than you might think, and there’s far more discrimination against women in the workplace than you might think. Two people of the same ability, most bosses would prefer to keep a man rather than a woman.

Too maverick clothes are also to be abandoned, the workplace is definitely a place where the exclusion of more than a hundred rivers. Moreover, being independent can mean being unmanageable, and being unmanageable in the workplace can mean staying away. Then, you can use your affirmation don’t choose you, can’t use your and don’t like to provoke this kind of foolish person, lest get burned.

So, it’s really necessary to dress appropriately, which can potentially shield you from a lot of trouble. Who doesn’t like a subordinate and colleague who can foil them, be obedient and sensible? So, keep a low profile and do things in a high profile.

As a final tip, don’t sit all the time at work.
Get up every hour or so and take a walk. A combination of standing, sitting, and walking can improve your energy, concentration, and appearance.
If your office is small or your work is not ambulate, I recommend the stand up Desk, which allows you to sit or stand in any position you want to work in, to relieve or relieve lower back pain and stiffness.

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