The initial experience of standing office work

The cause of writing this articles

As a regular customer of ergonbracket, I was thrilled and delighted, when I received the email offering an opportunity to test the office furniture called stand up desk. According to the description and link in the email, I re-examined my back pain and neck stiffness at work. Then, I took a look at some of the pros and cons of standing through the net, which was quite a shock to me. Here is a picture impressive to me!

After referring to the product list they gave me, I went to their official website to learn the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of standing office furniture. Since I need to use it in a small office, the electric desk is not suitable. I chose an installation-free desk at last.

Here’s how I’ve been trying to stand up at work for over a month.

Since I started using a standing desk, I’ve been standing in front of my computer most of the time, no matter how long I work, sometimes more than five hours a day.

But I exercise every day, so what I’m going to talk about is my personal experience.

I don’t attribute it all to standing, but I spend far more time on my feet than any other sport, so it’s likely that standing has done the most to change and shape my physique. (I used to have two layers of proud flesh around my waist.)

The first thing I saw when I received the desk was that this guy wasn’t small!My desk is just big enough to hold this product.(Joke: Why didn’t I provide the table and room data first?)

And then here, let me put up some pictures of my desk.(Sorry for the mess)

The initial discomfort

At the beginning, I felt uncomfortable. Every time I stood for less than 30 minutes, I couldn’t help but want to sit down, probably because I seldom stood like this before. After standing for over an hour, the balls of my feet would start to feel a bit sore. At this point, I would sit down and rest for two minutes. Then I would stand up and get back to work.
(PS: I have to admire those girls who go shopping and walk for hours.)

The other thing is, by the way, because of the use of this table, my original various lines are not long enough, so I got a set of extended lines back.
(Although it’s because I used to have too many lines and purposely cut them short)

The feeling after standing in the office

After standing for a period of time, I got used to it and started to stand for about 5 hours every day.

Generally speaking, I stood for half an hour and sat for half an hour alternately.

The Difference

1. Standing up is actually a better position because my neck and lower back are better than before.

It used to be that the rotation of the neck made a lot of noise, and the pain in the lower back was frequent, but now the pain in the lower back is gone.

2. Become more focused.

There are a lot of ways that sitting can distract me, and those of you who have had similar experiences know that.

3. Better endurance.

What to take the bus stop all the way, what to buy a ticket line ah, stand for an hour is not a thing.I think the main reason queues are so annoying is that my legs and feet don’t feel right, and when I get used to standing for so long, it doesn’t challenge me at all.

4. Increased my daily activity.

Sometimes I would walk around because I was standing, which in turn increased my daily exercise.

The biggest harvest

I used to be injured in the back, work and sit every day, so over time, the psoas strain of the disease.

The biggest benefit from standing up is that the psoas strain is much better than it used to be, and it’s not as painful as it used to be.

However, I find myself getting more and more sedentary. It’s hard to sit down for more than an hour at a time

Finally, I wish everyone happy work in the future!

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