Why laptop radiator working not good? and how to choose a correct laptop computer radiator?

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Yes, it does. This starts with the fan’s wind pressure-volume curve.Regular fan manufacturers will provide wind pressure-air volume curves. For example, delta BFB series dc turbofans are divided into 4 large sizes according to the speed, each model has 2 small sizes of 5V / 12V, and 4 wind pressure-air volume curves are provided:

Air Flow
Air Pressure
 BFB0505LA-C-R00/-F0053.5 to
 BFB0512LA-C-R00/-F00127.0 to
 BFB0505MA-C-R00/-F0053.5 to
 BFB0512MA-C-R00/-F00127.0 to
 BFB0505HA-C-R00/-F0053.5 to
 BFB0512HA-C-R00/-F00127.0 to
 BFB0505HHA-C-R00/-F0053.5 to
 BFB0512HHA-C-R00/-F00127.0 to

Following will detail explain laptop heat vent working principle

In the table, the maximum air volume/maximum air pressure is given.

Among them, the maximum air volume refers to the air volume in a completely open environment with the same inlet and outlet air pressure. But because of the wind near the air inlet, the pressure will drop; The air outlet will increase the pressure because of the exhaust.

When the fan is not in a completely open environment, the air near the air inlet cannot be replenished in time. Or when the air around the outlet cannot be discharged quickly, the air pressure in the inlet/outlet will create a pressure difference.

In the most extreme case, there is a confined space on both sides, connected in the middle by a fan. When the pressure difference reaches a certain value, the volume of air discharged by the fan and the volume of air flowing naturally due to the pressure difference reach a balance — namely, the air volume is 0. At this time, the maximum differential pressure is reached. Usually, the maximum static pressure is used by the fan manufacturer.

The curve marked by the manufacturer is 0 air volume at one end and 0 static pressure at the other.
In fact, this curve can be extended: the air inlet pressure itself is higher than the air outlet pressure, that is, the negative static pressure, the air volume will be greater; The air inlet pressure is so much lower than the exhaust pressure that the maximum static pressure is exceeded, and the air volume is going to be negative — that is, the air is going in through the exhaust and out through the intake.

Most laptops blow in from the bottom, then blow out from the side or the back.

The side and back can be regarded as an open space roughly, but the bottom air inlet is close to the desktop, and the height of its foot pad cannot generate enough open space to replenish air, resulting in low pressure near the air inlet. The pressure difference between the air inlet and outlet causes the air volume to decrease, the laptop’s heat dissipation ability decreases.

Pad/bracket can make the notebook air inlet near the formation of an approximate open space, basically reaching the maximum air volume of 0 static pressure.
(To be precise, this requires ignoring the differential pressure caused by obstacles such as air intake grids and cooling fins. In fact, most laptops have significantly higher heat dissipation levels when the back cover is removed. This is the effect of the air intake grid and structure.)

Just like the bracket shown below. Of course, in the case of ground requirements, books or bottle caps can be used to pad, but there is no dedicated support stable.

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If there is a cooling laptop stand holder blowing against the inlet, the air pressure of the inlet will be increased, the air volume will be further increased, and the cooling effect will be better than the manufacturer’s design level, such as the cooling bracket in the picture below.

Laotop stand heat vent

The draft fan reduces the air pressure in the outlet and also produces negative static pressure, which increases the air volume. For example, this one:

Laotop stand

In contrast, the blowing-style cooling pad is not fully fitted because it is blowing against the bottom of the laptop, and the fan efficiency itself is not as high as that of the blowing-style which blocks the exhaust outlet through the rubber interface.

Because of the close combination of draft and exhaust, exhaust pressure will be reduced to a greater degree. However, in this setting, the resistance of the laptop fan itself is reduced, and the speed of the original cooling fan under the same power is higher or even higher than the design speed, which is easy to accelerate the wear of the fan bearing.

In addition, the blow type cooling pad can be very good to reduce the temperature of the body, so the space is abundant, or it is recommended to use the blow type cooling pad rather than exhaust fan, air type only recommended in the space limited environment for a short time temporary use.

Final summary: if there is no special requirement, the subject can try to use the book originally to pad the laptop. If the results are not satisfactory, buy an ErgonBracket aluminum heat vent laptop stand laptop stand. Permanent use of an air radiators is not recommended.

How to choose the correct laptop radiator?

Method of choosing a correct laptop radiator

We need fans, air conditioning, and our laptops need radiators. Temperature is one of the most critical factors affecting the laptop experience.Face the notebook radiator with full of beautiful things in eyes on the market, how to choose after all?Actually, the radiator that you buy is good, only used just know.

Let’s take a look. 

1. Laptop radiator

Laptop radiator can be divided into Blowing radiator, convulsions radiator, passive radiator and ice cooling pad 4 categories. We need to select the best version matching your laptop to give full play to the effect of the radiator. If wrong buy a not match version, it will make the laptop heat dissipation worse.

Heat dissipation principle of laptop:

Most laptops have holes in the bottom cover (side D) corresponding to the positions of the CPU, GPU and cooling fan, which are used to improve the efficiency of air circulation. The accumulated heat is discharged from the position of the cooling hole through the cooling fan. And among them, the position of radiator hole will affect the choice of radiator.

There are also laptops that don’t use built-in fans (such as ultra-thin laptops based on core M or Atom platforms).These laptops don’t even have heat vents, and most use metal bottom covers as “oversized heat sinks”.

1Blowing radiator

The principle of blowing radiator is to equip the fan of upward blowing-air in the heat dissipation base, which is used to increase the airflow into the heat dissipation hole of the laptop bottom cover, so as to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the laptop.

When buying this product, do not pursue the number of fans, the key is that the fan position can match the position of the laptop bottom cooling hole. In addition, the noise problem of blow type cooling base is important, you’d better choose the model with 1 ~ 2 large size fans (noise and fan blade size is inversely proportional).

If the bottom of the laptop is covered with cooling holes, then this type of cooling base can play a significant role in improving the heat. But for the MacBook Pro and light models that don’t dissipate heat at the bottom, the blower radiator is less useful. Some friends may think that the fan in the base can help cool the bottom cover of the laptop and accelerating the heat conduction efficiency. The problem is that the fan at the radiator base is powered by USB, which is fine for speeding up the circulation of air in the laptop, but not enough for cooling the bottom cover.

Since the fans at the radiator base require extra power, they take up a USB port. Some radiator offer USB Hub functionality, with 2 to 4 additional USB port extensions. However, these extended USB ports are poor in both speed and power. They are only suitable for USB peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, and for storage devices such as portable hard disk and flash drive, you would better plug them directly into the USB port on the laptop.

2. Draft radiator

This is the most effective way of cooling the laptop, the principle of this type of radiator, is through a turbofan, will be directly in the laptop cooling hole heat flow out.At present the brand name of type of radiator of exotherm and model are numerous, the gap between the product basically is reflected in the fine degree of exterior design, the compatibility of silicone air guide sleeve, fan air quantity and power supply ability, and height adjustable.

It needs to be noted that the draft radiator is most suitable for cooling holes in the side of the laptop. Now that many gaming laptops are equipped with dual fans, and the cooling holes are located on both sides of the back of the laptop (and some products may put the cooling holes on the inside of the rotating shaft of the screen), these laptops may not be able to fix the exhaust radiator.

In the purchase of wind radiators, we had better communicate with the businessman in advance, determine the compatibility of radiators and their own laptop, and choose to use the priority of external power supply or dual USB power supply model, only this kind of products to ensure enough air volume to reduce the temperature of the laptop.

3. Passive cooling base

The structure of this kind of cooling laptop riser is the simplest. Their biggest effect is to prop up the laptop, increase the space between the laptop bottom cover and the desktop (height) to improve the air circulation efficiency, thus improving the cooling environment of the laptop.
This cooling base is suitable for all types of laptops, but the cooling effect is not obvious. In a sense, the passive cooling base is more like a “bracket”, which is used to raise the height of the laptop screen and has great benefits for preventing cervical spondylosis, so the simpler the structure, the better.

If you have a laptop with a cooling hole in the bottom cover, don’t choose a cooling base with a large, monolithic surface (no pores). It won’t do anything to improve air flow.

4. Cooling pad

This product can be used to cool laptops. However, it is only suitable for laptops that do not have a built-in fan or a cooling hole at the bottom. After the pad is filled with ice water, it will quickly cool down the laptop’s bottom cover.

If your laptop is a traditional fan type, pad it under the laptop will block the vent, resulting in poor internal air flow, not only will not have a cooling effect but will cause the laptop temperature to rise!

  1. To solve the problem of laptop heat dissipation, you can consider the following methods:
  2. Clean the notebook regularly, lubricate and descaling the cooling fan, replace the CPU, heat dissipation silica gel of the graphics card and clean the air outlet regularly;
    2. Install laptop cooling base or lower the ambient temperature.

Use laptop radiator, should do well ventilated, it has the effect that assists come loose heat only.Only good external ventilation measures, to ensure that the laptop can effectively and continuously heat.In fact, there is no bad products, only inappropriate;It’s important that you choose the one that works best for you, or even a good product won’t work as well as you’d like.

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